Fort Myers, Florida 33913, United States
The Barn at Smith Acres

Veteran & Supporter Services



Family Day, Yellow Ribbon Ceremonies, Pre/Post Deployment Activities, Couples Retreats, Parenting Workshops, Couples Counseling, Holiday Events & Parties.

Wellness & Mental Health


Mental Health Clinics, Group Therapy, Resources, Fishing Therapy, Support Groups



Financial, Career Counseling, Parenting, Resume Writing, Customer Service, Starting a Small Business.

Yoga & Meditation


Yoga and Meditation Classes. All Levels, Trauma Sensitive, TBI Sensitive. Meditation Workshops.

VA Services and Other Resources


All Active Duty and Veteran Resources Available and Up To Date from Federal, State and Local Resources.

Galas & Fundraisers


Military Ball, Fundraising Events, Annual Charity Gala, Celebrations

How we make a difference...


The Barn at Smith Acres' mission is to connect service members, veterans, first responders and their families to each other and their community by hosting events, workshops and community activities to build bonds that encourage healthy lifestyles, reintegration, resiliency and relationships.

Lindsay Smith, founder, believes that by connecting members of our community that have served with others just like them, centered around activities, we can create an atmosphere of growth. The following is just an example of what the Barn at Smith Acres will provide: 



· Finances

· Parenting

· Yoga

· Meditation

· Cooking 

· Resume writing

· Microsoft Office

· Basic accounting/QuickBooks

· Starting a small business

· Crafting 


· Running

· Biking

· Beach clean-ups

· Quilting

· Care packages

· Golfing

· Nature

· Fishing

· Diving (scuba)

· Spouses

· Stay at home moms

· Caregivers 

· Ruck Marches

· Trivia Nights

· Family Days


· Mental health care clinics

· Holistic care clinics

· Workshops-put on by members

· PTSD & TBI resources

· iRest (Integrative Restoration) classes

· Caregiver workshops and outside resources

· Family counseling/therapy

· On the Job Trainings

· Job placement services

· Tax assistance

· Service Animal Training & Placements

· VA Benefits

· Financial Advising

· Childcare provided for events, workshops, & classes

· First aide & CPR certification

· Babysitting certification 

· Retreats

· Gala’s

· Yellow Ribbon Events

· Pre/Post Deployment (services & ongoing support)


TBASA Services Provided (pdf)


TBASA Nonprofit PPT Presentation (pdf)


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